SNORELEIF App is a smart algorithm on smartphones that able to detect and analysis snoring sounds while sleeping, when snore sound is detected, the application will notify the sleeper with light and short pulses through a smart watch (Pebble, Android wear or Apple Watch) to allow the sleeper to shift the incorrect positioning of sleeping without waking him/her up from the sleep. Once the sleeper has shifted the position, the vibration on the smart watch will automatically stop to avoid waking anyone up. If the person asleep continues snoring, the watch will increase the strength of the vibrations to make sure the sleeper shifts their position. Snorelief app protected under Patent pending in the United Kingdom: GB1615927.9

snoring types

nasal snorer

The classic ‘snore’ — a low-frequency fluttering or rumbling noise.

tongue snorer

A high-pitched snore that comes in fits and starts, and stops when you roll on your side.

mouth snorer

Low-frequency rumbling, similar to nasal snoring. You snore whether on your side or back.

sleep apnea

A crescendo of loud snoring followed by silence lasting from a few seconds up to 20, and then coughing, gasping or spluttering



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